Picchiotti superyacht Grace E successfully completes sea trials
2014-03-05By Risa Merl

The 73m Picchiotti superyacht Grace E has successfully completed her sea trials.

Grace E easily achieved her predicted cruising speed of 16.5 knots, and her range at 12 knots is 7,500 nautical miles for her technical specifications, though she achieved a tested range of 7,843.7 nautical miles at 12 knots during sea trials. Her fuel burn was approximately 290 litres per hour at 12 knots.The recent sea trials also assessed the new yacht's dynamic positioning system, and tests confirmed she can maintain her position even in rough conditions.

Launched in September 2013, Grace E is the third and largest megayacht in Picchiotti's Vitruvius series, sold by the Perini Navi Group. The series – a collaboration between Vitruvius Ltd, yacht designer Philippe Briand and the Perini Navi Group – is characterised by its streamlined, slender lines and sharp-entry bow. The design follows the principles of the BOS Hull form (Briand Optimized Stretched Hull), optimised for volume and weight distribution, and the yachts are built in aluminium.

The new 73m Picchiotti motor yacht stands out from her predecessors, the now iconic 49.91m Exuma and 55m Galileo G, thanks to her new diesel-electric propulsion system with two electronically activated Azipod propellers.

'Recent sea trials have confirmed that the use of electrical Azipods for the propulsion of Grace E has made for exceptional quietness and comfort while navigating,' says Grace E's Captain Eddie Cooney. 'This result is due to the fact that the yacht does not have traditional shafts but a system that does not create propeller noise. There is little evidence that the boat is underway unless you are looking out the windows and actually witnessing the changing landscape. We expect that this will be a very much appreciated asset to guests cruising aboard.'

Grace E shares the same hull and superstructure styling as her sisters, though the flagship expands on the concept by adding decks and featuring exterior living spaces spread out over five decks. The upper deck is the 'Wellness Deck,' aptly named for its dedication to health and wellbeing, comprising a gym, sauna and hydrotherapy equipment. Her contemporary interior design is by Rémi Tessier.