Pirates attack Kerry Stokes' superyacht Antipodean off Papua New Guinea
2014-10-07By Risa Merl

Pirates have raided and robbed media magnate Kerry Stokes' 35.9-metre Oceanfast superyacht Antipodean off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The incident is said to have taken place last Friday in the early hours of the morning. Stokes and his family were not on board the yacht, fortunately, and were not due to arrive to the area until Sunday. The thieves are said to have approached Antipodean as she was anchored near Krangket Island, close to Madang, on Papua New Guinea's east coast. Former governor of Madang and owner of the Madang Resort Hotel, Sir Peter Barter, has said the boat refuelled at a local marina on Friday before making its way to Krangket. Government officials in Madang have confirmed the incident as having taken place.

The thieves reached the yacht by row boat and once on board took mobile phones, laptops, diving equipment, cash and watches. The thieves were confronted by crew who were on board. The Stokes family have been travelling in this area on board their boat for years.

Further comment is expected from the Papa New Guinea department of tourism and its police department. 'Regretfully this incident is already known around Cairns and will deter motor yachts (and) tourists from visiting Madang and PNG,' Sir Barter said.

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