Ribjet 10 jet yacht tender zooms into view

27 April 2015

Ribjet USA’s jet yacht tender, the Ribjet 10, is being put through its paces before it comes on the market next month.

The meticulous preparation of Ribjet, which claims to be the only jet propulsion specific yacht tender manufacturer in the US, is emblematic of the detailed approach of the Wisconsin-based company, which prides itself on its low volume manufacturing model, building one vessel at a time and just 18 units a year.

The new Ribjet 10 yacht tender

When the final sea trials are completed, the public will be able to get their hands on a 10ft 7in (3.3m), 60hp, three cylinder vessel that can be used for the traditional ship to shore purpose of a tender, or as a day or sports boat.

The Ribjet 10, which weighs in at under 600lbs, is the first in a series of small jet yacht tenders from the builder and uses a Rotax 60hp power plant, which the company says is easy to service. The tender promises sporty handling for fun performance on the water.

Why you should customise your yacht tender

Jarrett Bryzek, the company president says, “We are looking to establish a foothold in the US jet yacht tender market with an emphasis on quality control, on time delivery and after sales service.

“Being a small custom builder we work directly with our customers on a personal level to understand their needs and make sure the end product is exactly to their liking and delivered on time.”

The Ribjet 10 costs $32,900 (around £22,000, depending on exchange rates). The company has demo boats available for viewing and sea trials through Ribjet’s factory showroom partner Nautical Ventures in Dania Beach, Florida.

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