33m Custom Line yacht Ricacha sinks following Hurricane Norma

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Credit: Aleksandr Zhuravlev

33m Custom Line yacht Ricacha sinks following Hurricane Norma

26 October 2023 • Written by Dea Jusufi

The 33-metre Custom Line motor yacht Ricacha has sunk in the Pichilingue area of La Paz, Mexico. Local reports claim Ricacha began to sink vertically after being damaged by the rough seas caused by Hurricane Norma.

Delivered in 2021, Ricacha is the sixteenth hull in Custom Line's Navetta 33 series. 

Hurricane Norma first made landfall in Cabo San Lucas on 21 October, with winds estimated between 80-100mph. Widespread damage and flooding had already affected the La Paz area and local marina by the following day.

Admiral Jorge Morgado Gómez confirmed the destruction of approximately 20 boats on the La Paz boardwalk in Monday's State Civil Protection Council session. At the time of writing, the number of boats affected is predicted to be upwards of 50. 

Gómez explained that it would take time to fully take stock because of the hurricane's continuing effects. "We have to wait for the sea to calm down, for everything, the sand and stone to be disturbed. Right now the sea is no longer blue, it looks brown, we have to wait for the sediments to settle and then I will send a brigade of divers to verify the sunken sailboats." 

Port authorities are yet to provide an official statement on the extent of Hurricane Norma's impact. No casualties have been reported.

According to BOATPro, 16 yachts are currently in proximity to the affected area, including the 116.2-metre Multiverse and 36.6-metre Benetti Gladiatore.

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