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Rizzardi Yachts introduces 24m flagship under construction

19 April 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Italian shipyard Rizzardi Yachts has announced that construction has begun on the first unit in its 24-metre flagship series, the INSeven Plus.

Characterised by an "aggressive look" and a 5.5-metre beam, the INSeven Plus has been commissioned by an Italian yacht owner. There is also a focus on walkable spaces and generous internal volumes, which are features "not to be taken for granted" on a yacht of its size, according to the shipyard's spokesperson.

INSix, the previous flagship at 19.9 metres

The model also builds on the design philosophy of the INFive and INSix with its indoor-outdoor layout, including a large glass door that provides easy access below deck. Interiors are undisclosed at this stage but will be customised by the owner.

"[Rizzardi Yachts'] level of customisation is unrivalled in the large open segment," explained a spokesperson for the shipyard. "This is thanks to our typical Italian craftsmanship and our 50 years of experience in the nautical sector." 

On the technical end, the INSeven Plus will be equipped with an Auto-Trim system that includes a "digital anchoring" function and an electronically-controlled joystick that simplifies manoeuvring while mooring.

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