Sailing superyacht builder Claasen Shipyards' new film debuts in Monaco

24 September 2013 • Written by Risa Merl

Today at the Monaco Yacht Show, Netherlands-based superyacht builder Claasen Shipyards debuted a film showcasing dazzling footage of its recent launches under sail as well as current yachts in build in its Zaandam yard. The new corporate film is designed to convey the philosophy of Claasen Shipyards and show clients what they can expect when they decide to build with Claasen.

The video depicts the detailed wood-working craftsmanship that goes into yachts built at Claasen, and the aluminium division of Claasen Shipyards in its Makkum facility also features, giving a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of aluminium hulls under construction, as well as the superstructure of larger motor yachts underway. Claasen builds custom hulls for superyachts at Makkum, such as the J-Class yachts Lionheart and Rainbow.

Claasen has been a key player in J Class revival, and during the presentation of the video, the builder mentioned a new project that has begun to big the biggest J Class yet at 45m to be delivered in 2015. Further details are under wraps at this time.

The video also showed off Claasen's first F Class yacht, Firefly, a modern reinterpretation and rival to the J Class. 'The idea was to have a yacht with the same shape as a J, but which would be faster in certain winds,' says Joachim Kieft Claasen Shipyards managing director. 'We wanted to beat the Js, so the F Class is a J above the water and a modern boat below the water. She (Firefly) is faster than a J. We can build for just under €5 million.' A second F Class has already been ordered.

The Claasen Truly Classic 126, a 38.4m all-aluminium yacht designed by Hoek Design, is underway with the hull currently under construction and is scheduled to launch in 2015. This is part of a continued partnership between Claasen and Hoek, a collaboration that has led to the build of a number of classically-style yachts.

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