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Credit: @PortTarragona on Twitter

49m Eleonora E set to be scrapped following collision and sinking

15 February 2023 • Written by Katia Damborsky and Holly Overton

A source has confirmed to BOAT International that the 49-metre sailing yacht Eleonora E is due to scrapped following a collision with a 60-metre vessel last summer.

The yacht was left submerged for several weeks in Spain's Port Tárraco following the strike by a search and rescue vessel in June 2022. A refloating operation took place over the course of three weeks in September, and she was relocated to PTW-Shipyard in Tarragona where it was hoped she could be salvaged.

The water-damaged hull has since been moved to a scrapping facility in Vinaròs and the remains of the yacht are expected to be scrapped in the coming weeks. 

The collision was caused when an offshore supply vessel, attempting to manoeuvre in the port, became stuck in reverse. The vessel hit Eleonora E on her starboard side and punctured the hull amidship while she was berthed in an area of water between four to five metres deep. She began to list heavily before coming to rest on her side.

After initial repairs were carried out underwater, Eleanora E was lifted from the land by two 250-tonne cranes with the assistance of refloating balloons. Once upright, additional repairs were finished and the process of pumping water from the flooded compartments began before she was towed 800 metres across the port to be lifted out.

Eleanora E was delivered in 2000 by Dutch yard Van der Graaf as a replica of the classic 1910 schooner Westward. She had a steel hull and teak superstructure with two masts. Her nine crew members, including the captain, were on board at the time of the accident and no injuries were reported.

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