Silver Arrows Marine set to build ARROW460-Granturismo yacht

1 October 2013 • Written by Risa Merl

While the final design for its 14m Granturismo yacht was signed off on this July, Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz Style unveiled the final design, interior and exterior details, specifications and a two-metre scale model of the yacht that is now being called ARROW460-Granturismo to the public and press during the Monaco Yacht Show.

Modeled after the legendary Mercedes-Benze ‘Silver Arrows’ racing cars that dominated motorsport racing in the 1930s and briefly in the 1950s, the yacht is designed to be 'the granturismo of the seas' as Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Rob Gibbs describes her in an exclusive interview, and to live up to the Mercedes-Benz reputation for quality and styling.

'Someone once told me that as a designer at a certain point you want to design a boat, and I think that's true – a boat and car share the same spirit and emotions,' says Gordon Wagener, head designer at Mercedes-Benz, who comments on the styling of the new yacht. 'The shape reflects Mercedes. Our cars are luxury cars, and, of course, superyachts are luxury items, and this is a Mercedes-Benz of the seas. Almost like a sports car or S-Class on the water, she has a long bonnet. And the surfacing is totally pure and clean, it has a single line, which is a functional water line, it's only surface besides that. And she is silver, Silver Arrows.... When you finally see it in water, it will look like something from the future.'

Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz Style also showed off its forward thinking design for the interior of the ARROW460-Granturismo, which utilises 3D-formed wood finishes. ' follows very much the concept of a car. We are using 3D woodworking in eucalyptus wood to create a wraparound feeing so the shape of boat follows the shape of a Mercedes-Benz,' says Francesca Sangalli, Mercedes-Benz Senior Designer. 'The bench for the seating area uses mesh fabric which is comfortable and lets air pass through rather than heavy sofa cushions. Sangalli also mentions the use soft nubuck leather, metal details and graphic-printed Esthec flooring.

The ARROW460-Granturismo will feature automotive-like electric opening side windows, a 'smart glass' roof and a open concept interior. 'The overall interior concept is just like a loft – it's one big space,' says yacht designer Martin Francis. 'If you look at the styling, the link between that and the latest mercedes, it's right on line with it.' The layout accommodates 10 for day use and converts to a forward bed set-up. Mercedes-Benz isn't the only big name that is connected to this project. Silver Arrows Marine has called on designers Martin Francis and Tommaso Spadolini to consult on the design with naval architecture by Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

Powered by twin 480hp diesel engines, the ARROW460-Granturismo is predicted to cruise at 28 knots with a top speed of 40 knots, but the final goal is high comfort as much as high speeds.

Silver Arrows Marine also announced that the order book is open for the Mercedes-Benz-inspired yacht. 'The order book is now officially open, there are a few delivery slots available in 2015, and there will soon be a boat out there,' says Silver Arrows Marine Chairman Ron Gibbs. The ARROW460-Granturismo will launch in a limited-edition, fully-equipped version called Edition 1, which has a price tag of €1.25 million plus VAT. The first edition will comprise 10 yachts, with first deliveries slated for 2015.

The first two Silver Arrows' ARROW460-Granturismo yachts being built, however, are not intended for owners. 'We decided to build two pre-production boats that Silver Arrows will own and not sell, which are scheduled to launch in ten to twelve months, but could be longer to attain the right quality. That is our target, the respect to quality,' says Jacopo Spadolini, Silver Arrows Marine CEO. These pre-production boats allow Silver Arrows to more fully refine the yachts that will launch in Edition 1, and in the meantime, owners can put a downpayment today and fix the price for a boat they take delivery of 2015.

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