Renderings of 140-metre trimaran concept named Spear

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New 140m trimaran concept revealed by T. Fotiadis Design and Lateral Naval Architects

21 March 2024 • Written by Katia Damborsky

Designers Theodoros Fotiadis and Lateral Naval Architects have collaborated on a new 140-metre trimaran concept named Spear. 

The yacht’s innovative, efficiency-optimised design means it would require 20 per cent less propulsion power than a 110-metre monohull at cruise speed, giving it the power demand of a much smaller yacht with around twice the useable GT (at 4650).

The yacht’s trimaran platform ensures stability at sea, and the sponsons have been specifically designed for generous tank volumes that have been envisioned for the inclusion of alternative fuels in the future, namely methanol.

"This stabilized monohull concept introduces additional advantages by offering a spacious luxury platform," explained a spokesperson for the studio. "It boasts a 40 per cent increase in the highly sought-after luxury external space, whilst keeping the internal luxury area similar to a 110-metre monohull."

Across a 23-metre beam, Spear offers expansive deck space for several swimming pools, al fresco dining areas and lounges. The beach club also benefits from unfolding bulwarks that increase the space further.

Speed has been ingrained into the design, with top speeds of 21 knots pared back to 18 knots cruising and an impressive range of 7,500 nautical miles.

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