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Credit: Ermes Bacci

Watch: 59m yacht Idol collides with bridge in Italy

1 June 2022 • Written by Katia Damborsky

The 58.9 metre motor yacht Idol has been involved in a collision involving a bridge in Pisa, Italy.

The incident occurred yesterday (Tuesday May 31) at 11am local time when the yacht passed below the bridge of the Autostrada Azzurra, which runs over the Pisa canal.

Idol collided with a bridge that typically has an elevation of 11.8 metres above sea level during low tide. According to eyewitness reports, the yacht attempted to pass during high tide.

The yacht had recently undergone a refit with Pisa-based refit yard Seven Stars, with modifications including a new paint job and modifications to the stern and bow, including the addition of a helipad.

Credit: Ermes Bacci

It’s thought that the collision occurred when the yacht left the refit yard en route to open water, as she was being manoeuvred by tug. The location of the refit facilities means that yachts have to travel along the Pisa canal to reach the sea.

The yacht is now in Livorno. The extent of the damage, if any, is not currently known. 

Idol during her refit.
Credit: Raphael Montigneaux

Idol was originally launched in 2007 by Australian shipyard Austal under the name Outback. Her pared-back profile comes from the drawing boards of Sam Sorgiovanni.

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