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Superyacht industry raises €1m for Blue Marine Foundation

29 November 2021 • Written by Stewart Campbell

Leading figures from the superyacht industry have raised more than €1 million for the Blue Marine Foundation (Blue), following an appeal at the World Superyacht Awards in September.

During the event, Peter Lürssen, managing partner of Lürssen, and Lars Windhorst, the new owner of Nobiskrug, each pledged €250,000 to Blue if their donations could be matched, to bring the total commitment to €1 million.

Andrew Winch (left) and Peter Lürssen (right) at this year's World Superyacht Awards ceremony

The target was reached after seven further donations were made by members of the superyacht community following a renewed appeal at Blue's members' dinner during the Monaco Yacht Show.

Blue's mission is to see 30% of the world's ocean under effective protection by 2030, through the creation of marine reserves, the restoration of vital habitats and the promotion of sustainable fishing.

BOAT International partners with Blue on the annual Ocean Awards, which celebrate the scientists, campaigners and innovators working to protect the oceans. See the winners of the 2021 Ocean Awards.

A total of €1 million was raised by leading industry figures

Peter Lurssen said: “The yachting industry must realise that a healthy and beautiful ocean environment is the basis not only for the yachting world but for the whole world and it is therefore in our interest to protect the marine environment.

"The World Superyacht Awards have provided a great opportunity to raise money for this worthy cause and therefore I committed to challenge the audience to match my donation."

Sara-Jane Skinner, head of partnerships at Blue, added: "We are bowled over by the generosity of this extraordinary industry, who collectively prove time and again their vision and determination to restore the health of the ocean."

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