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Platypus Craft Reveals Futuristic Swordfish 40 Semi-Submersible Tender

10 August 2020 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

French builder Platypus Craft has unveiled a semi-submersible tender capable of navigating underwater called the Swordfish 40.

The 12.1 metre recreational tender, designed by L2Concepts, takes inspiration from the design of stealth aircrafts and cars, specifically the lines of the 1970s Citroën SM.

The trimaran tender features futuristic and sporty design with two modes; surface mode and semi-submersible mode. Semi-submersible mode sees the central hull descend two metres below the sea level, allowing occupants to discover the underwater world.

The Swordfish 40 is large enough to accommodate a total of eight guests on board and is equipped with comfortable leather armchairs and an opening plexiglass structure. The transparent cockpit provides shelter from the elements when closed but can also be left fully opened.

Available in hybrid and electric versions, the tender has a default top speed of 40 knots, cruising speed of 18 knots and range of 115 nautical miles at seven knots.

The electric version is equipped with two 500Kw engines and 400Kwh batteries while the hybrid version is powered by two inboard V8 petrol engines of 900hp with two 80Kw electric motors. The hybrid version has an estimated top speed of 50 knots.

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