Tank test success for Dubois 100m sloop


Tank testing has backed-up Dubois’ computer predictions about the performance of its 100m sloop.

A 5.88m, 1:17 scale model of the sloop was towed at speeds of up to 26 knots in the 270m Haslar tank in Gosport. The sloop’s 16m high-speed tender and 7.5m sailing yacht were also modelled and tested.

The program was carried out by the Wolfson Unit for Marine Technology & Industrial Dynamics, part of the University of Southampton.

While the specifics of the project are still under wraps, Dubois has reported that the sloop, tender and sailing yacht performed as well as expected.

The sloop will feature Dubois naval architecture, project management by Klaus and Sebastian Allebrodt and interior design by Josep Juanpere of GCA Arquitectos Asociados.