The challenges of transporting a superyacht hull in the Netherlands

2 July 2012

The tight canal network of the Netherlands poses some unique problems when it comes to transporting superyachts, but nothing that can't be resolved with a bit of ingenuity, as was proved over the weekend when the 101.5m hull of a motor yacht (hull 808) was moved from the Feadship yard in Rotterdam to the Royal Van Lent Shipyard on the Kagerplassen for finishing.

Too large to fit through the Juliana Lock in Gouda, the segmented hull was put on pontoons, allowing it to pass over the lock, while the two gates were hoisted to their highest position and all fences and barriers around the lock removed.

Having got over this obstacle the yacht will be welded together before continuing on its journey to the Royal Van Lent Shipyard.

Hull 808 is the largest Feadship to be built and is expected to be launched in 2014 - at which point the locks will have been widened, allowing it to travel the normal way for superyachts.

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