The high-tech gentleman’s limo tender

21 August 2015• Written by Risa Merl

Kit Carlier Design has combined classic gentleman’s cruiser styling, top limo tender luxury and high-tech propulsion and electronics to create the Chimera 14.5 metre limousine tender.

This forward-thinking limo tender design was inspired by gentleman’s racers of the 1920s and 1930s, but its propulsion is state-of-the-art. The Chimera yacht tender is available with three propulsion options, including power via a diesel/electric hybrid or fully electric packages in addition to traditional diesel propulsion.

The limo tender is piloted from forward helm station set to port, which the designers say is, “a styling cue taken from a bygone era when chauffeurs drove sans-roof with passengers cocooned in the rear.”

A number of interior layouts are available, one seating up 12 guests. Within the Chimera 14.5 limo tender’s plush interior, guests will also find a wealth of high-tech features. Touch screens will control entertainment, lighting and access to wireless communications. A proprietary app for the yacht tender is also being developed, which will allow guests to access these amenities from their smart devices without having to leave their seat.

Keeping weight to a minimum was also a priority, and for this Kit Carlier tapped into his background in superyacht design with his career at Alloy Yachts. Kit Carlier is joined by fellow Alloy alumni Donna Maree at the new firm Kit Carlier Design, which recently opened as the first design house in New Zealand dedicated to marine interior design.

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