Video: 5-engine Midnight Express Quintessence43 goes 90mph

30 June 2015 • Written by Risa Merl

In case three or four engines just aren’t enough, the new five-engine Midnight Express Quintessence43 screams into view, running at speeds in excess of 90mph, as seen in the video below.

An ideal superyacht chase boat, the 13.1 metre Midnight Express Quintessence43 is powered by five 400hp Mercury racing outboard engines.

The new model line from Midnight Express is the world’s first high-performance five-outboard engine yacht to feature the custom two-lever control system ErgoEngine Control.

This system greatly simplifies operations for the captain, cutting the number of levers required to manoeuvre the yacht from six down to two. It also takes only one key to start all five engines, another feature that Midnight Express claims is exclusive to its boats.

Powerboat champion and world speed record holder for fastest lap time,Tim Ciasulli, took delivery of the first new model Midnight Express Quintessence43 after it launched last week. “It was clear that the masterminds at Midnight were setting out to change the game with this one,” said Tim Ciasulli.

The five-engine Midnight Express Quintessence43 feature a twin-stepped hull design, which allows her to jump up onto a plane quickly with minimal bow rise. The Integrated Spray Reduction system gives the Midnight Express boats a hull shape that catches and pushes spray down, making for a drier ride at the high 90mph speeds that the Quintessence43 achieves.

Infusion moulding and cored structure infusion allows for a light and fast boat, which is further enhanced by the fully carbon-fibre side dive door with integrated ladder and carbon fibre hard top.

While going at these breakneck speeds, she seats at least 11 comfortably in three rows of seats, and a sunpad and bow seating is found forward of the centre console.

Midnight Express is used to turning heads on the water – its pirate-ship theme yacht tender Black Pearl features one of the coolest superyacht paint jobs around. But it “only” has three engines compared to the new model Midnight Express Quintessence43.

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