Video: World’s largest Lego ship unveiled in Denmark

2016-09-02By Chris Jefferies

Shipping and ferry company DFDS has broken a world record after unveiling a ship built from Lego to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

As the timelapse video below shows, the model ship was built in private before being put on display in Copenhagen last month (August 17), when Guinness World Records adjudicator Christopher Lynch crowned it as the world’s largest Lego ship (supported by a steel frame).

At 12.04 metres LOA, the Lego ship is tiny in comparison to the world’s largest superyachts, but it was more than long enough to beat the previous record of 7.79 metres, which was set by a scale model of the RMS Queen Mary.

Niels Smedegaard, CEO of DFDS, said: “While people all over the world have been cheering on the Olympic participants in Rio over the last couple of weeks, we have stayed at home and cheered on our own Guinness World Records attempt.”

He added that around 7,000 DFDS employees from all across the world worked on the project, with help from Lego building professionals.

Inge Grønvold, Director of DFDS’ parent company, the Lauritzen Fonden foundation, christened the ship Jubilee Seaways, and in a fitting twist, she smashed a Lego wine bottle on the side of the ship, rather than the traditional champagne.

Jubilee Seaways was officially christened in Copenhagen

Built from nearly one million Lego bricks, Jubilee Seaways is sure to become the envy of super-luxury toy collectors everywhere.

Weighing in at 2,860kgs, the world's largest Lego ship took a grand total of 900 person hours. As well as a classic blue and white exterior, the record-breaking model features a green loading deck, orange lifeboats and multi-coloured cars and lorries on board.

Following its inauguration, Jubilee Seaways will now set off on a debut voyage around Europe.