Creative Q&A: Evan K Marshall

22 May 2019

In the first instalment of our designer Q+A series, we profile Evan K Marshall on his favourite designers, key inspiration and a childhood spent on the sea.

First boat?

My family owned a small cabin cruiser in the 60s built by the Pacemaker Company.

Source of inspiration?

I’m inspired by everything from automotive design, fashion design and furniture design.

Toughest project?

We’ve had projects which have suffered crushing delays, cost overruns and flared tempers throughout the build, yet, upon completion, we always shared the satisfaction of a job well done.

Marshall's design office is based on the River Thames

Your big break?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawing boats with the intent of becoming a boat designer. After graduation, I took a degree in small craft design from the Yacht Design Institute in Blue Hill Maine, which set me on my formal course to becoming a yacht designer.

First boat you designed?

Pictured is one of my first "complete" designs done when I was seven years old

Most admired yacht designer?

In my formative years, I was constantly referring back to David Martin designs for guidance on the proper proportion and balance that the exterior of the yacht should have.

One of Marshall's first designs as a seven year old child

Favourite furniture designer?

Ruhlmann – for establishing the foundations of art deco furniture and architecture design with its clean and simplify detailing.

Favourite building?

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City on fifth Avenue, across from the park where I grew up.

Marshall designed the Ocean Alexander 90R, which was unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show last year

Your ultimate design fantasy?

A personal apartment on Central Park West, the street I grew up on, overlooking the park that I experienced as a child.

If you weren’t a yacht designer?

I'd be an architect.

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