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Designer Q&A: Sam Sorgiovanni

2 August 2019 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

In this instalment of our designer Q&A series, we profile Sam Sorgiovanni on being mentored by Jon Bannenberg and his design fantasy of designing a new hyper car.

Your big break?

While working with Jon Bannenberg on the yacht Mercedes II. It was my role to flesh out all the details with the owner and I was credited, along with Jon, for the interior and exterior design.

The 75.5 metre Oceanco yacht Anastasia, the first yacht for which Sorgiovanni designed both the interior and exterior

Source of inspiration?

In the early days, my inspiration came from my mentor and teacher Jon Bannenberg. But it wasn’t long before I established my own style influenced by my environment, culture and creative designs in automobiles, architecture and product design.

First boat you designed?

Excellence II, the first yacht project I did as an independent designer.

Favourite yacht you designed?

The motor boat Anastasia. To this day, it holds a special place in my heart as I feel it was the yacht where I established my own style both on the exterior and interior.

Sam Sorgiovanni at work in his studio

Favourite yacht design?

Coral Sea, formally Coral Island. The design is so cutting edge for her time that even today she is truly special and inspirational. Such a wonderful yacht.

Most admired yacht designer?

Jon Bannenberg! Hands down a true genius. No current designer compares to his brilliance.

Toughest project?

All projects have their challenges, especially if you are pushing the envelope.

Sam Sorgiovanni's big break came thanks to mentor Jon Bannenberg

Thing you wished you’d designed? (doesn’t have to be a boat!)

I wish I’d designed something simple and used by everyone every day, like a zipper or Velcro.

Your ultimate design fantasy?

To design and style a new hyper car.

Yacht designer Jon Bannenberg - Sorgiovanni's mentor and most admired yacht designer

Favourite furniture designer?

It would have to be Ruhlmann. I still take inspiration from his attention to detail and exquisite proportions of all his pieces.

Favourite building?

The Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright. It’s a wonderfully minimalist yet complex design, an inspirational departure of the norm.

If you weren’t a yacht designer?

I have often asked myself this question and really, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I do.

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