SDS 2019: Franco Romani traces back the design history of Perini Navi

22 February 2019 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

Perini Navi’s style and design director Franco Romani has described the yard's Argonaut motor yacht line as "one the best boats I've ever designed."

Speaking at the Superyacht Design Symposium, Romani highlighted the yard’s key design innovations as he traced back the Italian company’s 36-year history.

He said company founder Fabio Perini's initial key design concerns had been ensuring “safety, comfort and manoeuvrability” when he first came to yacht building.

Franco Romani was speaking at the Superyacht Design Symposium

Romani, who worked with Perini from the yard’s conception in 1983, said all three were integral to retaining the "pleasure" of sailing.

The experience of building his own yacht led Perini to the realisation that “there was a market” for his boats, Romani said.

He highlighted the 70 metre Perini Navi sailing yacht Sybaris as a project that proved the yard’s ambition. Now named Badis, the yacht was delivered in 2016.

Speaking about the design process, Romani said: “When we met the owner, he said "I like Perini boats but I want something different." I put all my passion to invent something that didn’t lose the Perini style.”

The 93 metre model in the Argonaut series

From here, the Italian yard moved on to create the 42 metre and 47 metre E-Volution Line of sailing yachts, which consolidated key design features into the Perini Navi DNA. This included a bigger flybridge, large transom for increased access to the sea and larger volume aft, as well as added focus on performance and speed.

Romani explained: “It has a large use of glass and a cleaner deck that answers to the requests of the market.”

The yard currently has two 42 metre and one 47 metre yachts in this line in production.

The E-Volution Line again moved the yard forward in its design innovations, Romani said, leading to the creation of the motoryacht Argonaut line.

“We start to have a cross fertilisation with a motor yacht without destroying the Perini line,” Romani said.

The Argonaut line is available in four lengths; 63 metre, 73 metre, 83 metre and 93 metre. This model too retains the key features of Perini’s design DNA – a forward cockpit, large transom, garage and sea access.

Romani claimed the Argonaut line is “one of the best boats I’ve ever designed.”

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