NEOM and MB92 Group announce yacht repair center at Sindalah

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Credit: MB92 Group

NEOM and MB92 Group announce yacht repair centre at Sindalah

28 September 2023 • by Dea Jusufi

NEOM and superyacht maintenance company, MB92 Group, have announced a partnership to establish a 10,000-square-metre yacht repair facility at NEOM's luxury island development Sindalah in the Red Sea, Saudi Arabia.

The partnership has been announced ahead of the opening of Sindalah in 2024. The site will offer access to MB92’s array of services, including onboard electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic system repairs. The centre will offer its services to yachts of any size and has the capacity for drydock operations for yachts up to 40 metres. 

"Teaming up with MB92 Group reflects our commitment to becoming a distinctive yachting destination," said NEOM Islands executive director Aayush Killa. "This venture embodies our dedication to delivering world-class infrastructure and services to support yachts visiting the Red Sea.”

MB92 group chairman, Pepe García-Aubert, said: “We are extremely excited to be a part of the remarkable NEOM project and embrace the opportunity that this partnership represents. We envision this as merely the beginning of a lasting and meaningful collaboration, allowing us to provide the local yachting community with a world-class refit and repair service in this incredibly beautiful region with so much to offer.”

MB92 Group CEO Jean-Marc Bollinger told BOATPro that global expansion had always been part of García-Aubert's "dream". “The Middle East is essentially ready to go now, and we definitely want to be in the US," he explained. "Beyond that, looking at sailing patterns, Asia and even Australia and New Zealand could make sense. So, we are watching developments in that corner of the world very carefully.”

This news is the latest partnership announced by NEOM, including the news that yacht agency JLS Yachts would be working with Sindalah marina. 

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