Far, far away: Yachts for charter in remote locations

Want to get away from the crowds and off the beaten track on your next charter vacation? Take a look at our favourite charter yachts available in remote and exotic destinations and get ready to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime trip...


Credit: Fraser

Stats: 42 metres, Custom, 2006, 10 guests and 14 crew

Highlights: Sail through Southeast Asia in classic style on board this traditional wooden boat. Permanently based in the diving hot spot of Indonesia, Samata comes prepared with two resident instructors and all the necessary gear for scuba diving and snorkelling, including underwater cameras for photography enthusiasts to capture their experiences. Samata’s ample deck spaces offer plenty of room for al fresco dining and sunbathing but when the weather gets too warm guests can retreat to their air-conditioned, wood-finished cabins. Start your days with a wakeboarding or kayaking session followed by a pampering treatment with the on-board massage therapist.

Location: Samata will be cruising through the Raja Ampat archipelago this spring, a destination renowned as one of the richest marine environments for divers to discover. She’ll then continue to explore her local grounds of  Indonesia by venturing to the fabled Komodo island, home to stunning pink sand beaches, rust-red volcanic cliffs and the legendary Komodo dragon.

Charter rate: Samata is managed by Fraser with a weekly rate starting from $60,900.

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Custom   42 m •   2006


Indian Ocean

Stats: 60 metres, Brodosplit, 2015, 12 guests, 15 crew

Highlights: With high volumes and entertaining spaces able to host as many as 150 guests, Katina is well-designed for celebratory events at sea. During the day charterers can dive into the ample toybox, complete with an inflatable playground, water slide, Flyboard and Hoverboard, or stay fit with a workout in the fully-equipped gym before unwinding in the sauna and massage room. As the sun sets, enjoy a drink in the elegant, clubhouse-style whiskey and cigar room equipped with a bar, humidor and special ventilation. Perfect for families, Katina is even able to host canine guests on board.

Location: Throughout the cooler months, Katina soaks up winter sunshine in the isolated islands of the Maldives and Seychelles as she cruises the Indian Ocean. From bioluminescent waters to rich coral reefs, these regions are ripe for underwater exploration. While on shore guests can expect picture-perfect white sand beaches fringed palm trees.

Charter rate: Katina is managed by TWW with a weekly rate starting from €245,000.

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Brodosplit   60 m •   2015

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Brodosplit   60 m •   12 guests • Price from €260,000 p/w


Costa Rica & French Polynesia

Stats: 59.99 metres, Benetti, 2015, 12 guests, 15 crew

Highlights: With ample deck spaces and a beach club bursting with water toys, Formosa is well-equipped for cruising through warmer waters off-the-beaten-track. A key feature is the sundeck, complete with a hot tub offering outstanding views to sea as well as various al fresco lounges, some with optional shading. Indoors, colourful interior spaces offer a master suite with panoramic views, a formal dining room and a private cinema.

Location: For the rest of the spring 2022 season, Formosa will be cruising the lush coasts of Costa Rica in Central America. She will then head to the South Pacific in June to visit Tahiti and embark on an extended cruise of the tropical Polynesian islands.

Charter rate: Formosa is managed by Fraser with a weekly rate starting from $470,000.

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Benetti   60 m •   2015

Yachts for charter

Benetti   59.99 m •   12 guests • Price from $470,000 p/w

Hanse Explorer

French Polynesia
Credit: Øivind Haug

Stats: 48.01 metres, Fassmer, 2006, 12 guests and 18 crew

Highlights: Following a multimillion-dollar refit, ice-classed superyacht Hanse Explorer's brand new facilities will help guests make the most of their time on board. An exciting addition is the new top deck, complete with a saltwater hot tub, a cocktail area with Bose sound systems and cabana-style Bali beds for sleeping under the stars on warm nights. Other highlights include a sauna and a toybox stocked with kayaks, paddleboards and scuba diving equipment.

Location: From April to October 2022, Hanse Explorer will be venturing on a cruise of the South Pacific to explore the Tuamotos, Marquesas and Society Islands. All itineraries will be tailor-made to charter guests, with each expedition guided by a team of experts with local knowledge. Guests will be able to dive into Polynesia's colourful underwater world thanks to the yacht's new state-of-the-art scuba centre, as well as taking her new Zodiacs out to explore untouched beaches teeming with exotic wildlife.

Charter rate: Hanse Explorer is available for charter with EYOS, with 2022 charters starting from €175,000 per week.

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Fassmer   48.01 m •   2006



Stats: 38 metres, Hakvoort, 2017, 9 guests and 7 crew

Highlights: With her canoe stern and traditional lines, Soprano offers the charming appearance of a classic yacht combined with the comfort of modern amenities. The main attraction is her sun deck which features sunbathing spaces, a hot tub, a cocktail bar and a barbecue for entertaining with a view of the great outdoors. Active charter guests will also appreciate her foldout swimming platform for easy access to the water, and the wealth of toys stored on board including kayaks, paddleboards, a sailing dinghy, gym equipment and gear for snorkelling, waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Location: From June to August 2022, when summer sunshine warms up the waters of northern Europe, Soprano will head to the Baltic Sea where she’ll explore the natural beauty of Nordic coastlines. Her exciting itinerary will take her on a tour of the 30,000 islands and famous skerries that make up Sweden’s Stockholm Archipelago, as well as embarking on a cruise of the Gulf of Finland to discover the rich cultural heritage of Sweden’s eastern neighbour.

Charter rate: Soprano is available for charter with Ocean Independence, with a weekly charter rate starting from €110,000.

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Royal Hakvoort Shipyard   38.25 m •   2017


French Polynesia
Credit: Tim McKenna

Stats: 87.6 metres, Schichau Unterweser, 1969, 12 guests and 28 crew

Highlights: Once a hardy ice-breaking tug boat, Arctic has been transformed into a charter-ready superyacht with six decks of luxury amenities. Outdoor spaces are designed for soaking up the sunshine, with a heated swimming pool, beach club and a monkey island viewing area for taking in the scenery. A fully-stocked toybox and dive store, together with an on board dive instructor, will also help guests make their most of the time on the water, while the interior has also been equipped for a range of activities when the weather turns. This includes a cinema with sensory chairs, a gym, a library and a games room.

Location: With her impressive cruising range of 10,000 nautical miles, Arctic can take guests almost anywhere in the world. But for her first charter season, she will be heading to the far-flung islands of French Polynesia in the South Pacific Sea. “More and more we’re speaking to clients who want to explore more secluded areas and experience out-of-the-ordinary destinations in out-of-the-ordinary ways,” says Y.CO’s Yasmine Naitijja, adding that “for these kinds of requests, a yacht like Arctic is the perfect solution”

Charter rate: Arctic is managed for charter by Y.CO with a weekly charter rate starting from €350,000.

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Schichau-Unterweser   87.57 m •   1969

Yachts for charter

Schichau-Unterweser   87.57 m •   12 guests • Price from €400,000 p/w

Bleu De Nîmes

Red Sea & Indian Ocean
Credit: Edmiston

Stats: 72.25 metres, Clelands, 1980, 28 guests and 23 crew

Highlights: Following a four-year rebuild completed in 2020 (which included a 16 metre extension), this converted Navy Ship is ready to explore with her impressive 20,000 nautical mile cruising range. Alongside extensive accommodations for larger parties, Bleu De Nîmes boasts a helipad, a cinema, two Jacuzzis and a wellness centre complete with a sauna, gym and massage room.

Location: Though her summers are spent cruising the Med, Bleu De Nîmes escapes colder weather during the European winters to cruise the far flung regions of the Red Sea, Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean. These cruising grounds are renowned for their exceptional deep-water diving opportunities, so guests will be able to make full use of the yacht’s diving equipment and explore colourful underwater worlds during their time on board.

Charter rate: Bleu De Nîmes is managed for charter by Edmiston with a weekly charter rate starting from €430,000.

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Clelands   72.1 m •   1980

Yachts for charter

Clelands   72.25 m •   28 guests • Price from €490,000 p/w

Calypso I

Credit: Olga Dromas / BlueiProd

Stats: 36 metres, Mulder, 2019, 10 guests and 6 crew

Highlights: Calypso I boasts an award-winning interior designed by Vickers Studio with a bright, beach house-style theme flooded with natural light through panoramic windows. Above deck guests will find generous spaces equipped with a Jacuzzi, sunbathing areas and al fresco dining as well as a beach club with a sizable swimming platform.

Location: Between June and August 2022, Calypso I will be heading north to explore the epic fjords of Norway. While cruising the waters of this picturesque Nordic country, guests can expect to enjoy stunning scenery while dining on local delicacies and freshly caught fish, interspersed with on-shore visits to colourful towns such as Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen and Stavanger.

Charter rate: Calypso I is managed for charter by Ocean Independence with a weekly charter rate starting from €135,000.

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Mulder Shipyard   36 m •   2019

Tip Top II

Galapagos Islands

Stats: 31.7 metres, Custom, 2008 16 guests and 8 crew

Highlights: Tip Top II has been designed for wildlife spotting in the most biodiverse corners of the earth. All air-conditioned ensuite cabins are positioned on the main and upper decks for optimum views, and a dedicated forward observation lounge offers an excellent space to socialise. Her crew includes an experienced naturalist guide and there’s also diving equipment stocked on board.

Location: For a truly unique charter experience, join Tip Top II as she cruises around the volcanic scenery of the Galapagos islands. Expect unparalleled widlife viewings and snorkelling experiences in this biodiverse destination, home to the likes of pelicans, sea lions, iguanas, turtles, penguins and more.

Charter rate: Tip Top II is managed by YPI with a weekly charter rate starting from $85,245.

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Custom   31.7 m •   2008

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Custom   31.7 m •   16 guests • Price from $80,420 p/w


French Polynesia

Stats: 32.89 metres, Sermons, 1971/2017, 10 guests and 7 crew

Highlights: Combining traditional yachting style with top-of-the-line water toys, classic superyacht Askari has everything guests need to explore remote destinations off the beaten track. Enjoy a dip in the hot tub, a cocktail at the wet bar as you watch the sun go down and days spent on the water kayaking, water skiing or paddle boarding.

Location: Askari is a permanently based in French Polynesia, meaning her crew have all the insider knowledge necessary to bring guests on an unforgettable South Pacific cruise. Expect to see glistening lagoons, cloud-topped mountains and pure white beaches as she makes her way around these pristine islands.

Charter rate: Askari is managed for charter by Fraser with a weekly charter rate starting from $90,000.

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Sermons   32.92 m •   1972

Yachts for charter

Sermons   32.89 m •   10 guests • Price from $97,500 p/w

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