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Charter yacht of the week: Golden Yachts’ 85m O’Ptasia

23 February 2024 • Written by Georgia Boscawen

Each week we place a spotlight on one of the world’s finest superyachts for charter. This week, BOAT steps aboard 85-metre O’Ptasia in Greece to discover why she is such a popular vessel.

O'Ptasia was already booked for charter before she had the chance to leave the shed. This does well to capture the level of anticipation surrounding Golden Yachts' former flagship being on the charter market. Now, more than five years down the line, O’Ptasia remains a highly popular charter yacht, boasting vast deck spaces, contemporary interiors, and a toy box brimming with an excellent assortment of activities, fit for the discerning charterer.

Her itineraries are concentrated, though not limited to the Mediterranean, and during the summer months, she has been spotted visiting the likes of Capri, Montenegro, Monaco and the Aegean. But in the winter she can also head over to the Caribbean. BOAT steps aboard during the Mediterranean Yacht Show in Nafplion, where she was the largest vessel on show; dwarfing onlookers and the ancient scenery around her.

Key features

She was delivered in 2018 as Golden Yachts' largest yacht, though she has now been outstretched by the 94.6-metre O'Pari. Technically speaking, this was a remarkable achievement for Golden Yachts – surpassing comfort standards, moving up the size level and instructing a highly successful design that calls into the needs of charter guests.

She has a clean well-proportioned profile. Her interiors are modern, with crisp lines and eye-catching details. But it was charter guests’ preferences that informed many of the design decisions, resulting in wide open spaces, a calming, neutral colour palette and a stream of spaces for entertaining.

The main saloon is a grand space, one large, open-plan room with two separate seating areas containing white leather sofas, black coffee tables and glass lamps. The yacht has ebony cabinetry installed, inlaid with stainless steel details. A dining area is set at the forward end of the saloon, and a complementary ebony dining table is centred with backlit, honey-toned onyx.

Accommodation on board is for 12 guests, but she boasts 10 cabins meaning that all guests will have plenty of space to relax. Each of the guest cabins feature eucalyptus walls and grey joinery, while most have walk-in wardrobes.

Guest bathrooms have been designed with Aegean flair, decorated in Pentelikon marble (which was used in the construction of the Parthenon in Athens) and a green marble found on the Aegean Island of Tinos.

The art on board is a feast for the eyes and an important factor in O'Ptasia's characterful design. Pop art, mosaics and textured pieces adorn the hallways. There is also an impressive installation in the lift in the form of a glowing purple triangle. A second lift can also be found on board that’s hidden from view, dedicated for crew use.

Why is O’Ptasia the perfect charter yacht?

There isn’t much guests could want that O'Ptasia does not already have on board. From a touch-and-go helipad to a DJ booth, she is a true entertainer. Out on deck, a guest could collapse almost anywhere and find a sunpad there to break the fall. Her charter itinerary tends to be devised to capture summer in the Med and the exterior spaces certainly reflect that. Her sundeck has a Jacuzzi aft as well as an outdoor cinema for movie nights under the stars.

O'Ptasia is a top choice for self-care fans and fitness fanatics who wish to stick to the fitness routine. Her beach club is a wellness centre at sea, home to a steam room, Hammam and massage room, with sun loungers positioned right at the water's edge. It also has plenty of space for soaking up the sun before sliding into the water. The touch-and-go helipad on the foredeck can double as a yoga studio, perfect for reconnecting with the elements and finding some zen during the charter.

What’s special about O’Ptasia?

Her layout has been remarkably well considered for a variety of situations. For example, a twin cabin is positioned next to the master to help guests who want to have their children or a chosen assistant close at hand.

With a crew of 29, it’s not a surprise to report that guests are remarkably well looked after. Although you wouldn’t necessarily know it, as the spaces have been designed with discreet passageways and access. Being cared for but in no way overbearing is an important balance that the crew on board O’Ptasia seems to take in their stride. Moments after stepping on board, guests will be treated with a continuous stream of delicious bites, smoothies, and cocktails, along with decadent meals and even a massage, courtesy of the onboard therapist.

The list of water toys on board is certainly extensive, with Sea Bobs, inflatables, Jet Skis, kayaks and fliteboards among much else. Charter guests can also bank on travelling to the yacht in style on board O’Ptasia’s eight-metre Chris Craft tender and 10-metre custom limo tender.

O’Ptasia is available to charter with Atalanta Golden Yachts with a weekly rate from €900,000.

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