7 days discovering breathtaking Fiji on a superyacht

Mamanuca Islands

A true tropical paradise of 333 islands, with thriving marine life and secluded beaches backed by pristine jungle, Fiji is a South Pacific idyll. From volcanic hot springs and untouched coral reefs, to cascading waterfalls and mud baths, nature here is wondrous. Don’t be dissuaded from visiting on account of Cyclone Winston, which tore through the region in February. Many of the islands were completely spared, the rest are well on the road to recovery and there are fewer tourists to encroach on your island fantasy.

Day 1

Board the yacht at Port Denarau Marina, just 20 minutes from Nadi International Airport. The trip begins with a short, 1.5-hour cruise southwest to the Mamanuca Islands, where you spend the day exploring — the snorkelling here is particularly excellent due to an abundance of soft corals and tropical fish. You will spend the night anchored in Musket Cove, near the stunning Musket Cove Resort.

Navadra and Vanua

After breakfast the yacht will sail three hours northwest towards Navadra and Vanua. These islands have beautiful beaches and great snorkelling on their garden reefs.The beach can be accessed by tender from mid to high tide, and paddle boards or kayaks at low tide. If weather permits, the yacht will anchor here for the night or sail one hour north for Waya Island and anchor at Yalobi Bay, which is more protected.

Naviti Island

Head north for 1.5 hours to Cuvu Bay on the southern end of Naviti Island, which offers a rare chance to swim with manta rays. Naviti was one of the two islands in the Yasawa Group that suffered serious cyclone damage earlier this year (the other was Viwa), but plenty of anchorages escaped the storm. If you visit, donations of schoolbooks and clothes are much appreciated. Continue two hours north to the Blue Lagoon near Nanuya Levu and Matacawa island.

Inside the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon was the location of the 1980s movie by the same name, starring Brooke Shields. The snorkelling here is breathtaking and the beaches are pristine. You can anchor here for the night or move to nearby Sawa-i-lau Island, which is famous for its underwater caves; you will want to add this to your diving bucket list. The lagoon has some excellent snorkelling spots and the shell markets are worth a visit, too.


Sail two hours north to Yasawa-i-Ra, which has one of Fiji’s best beaches, Champagne Beach – a crescent of powdery white sand, an ideal spot for a barbecue. The snorkelling here is terrific, too. In the evening you can go ashore to watch a meke (a traditional Fijian dance) and kava ceremony, where it is customary to give a gift of yaqona (kava root) to the head of the village.

South to Port Denarau Marina

For the last two days of the trip head south to return to Port Denarau Marina. Along the way you can revisit a favourite spot or explore new coves and bays such as the beautiful Somosomo Bay on the north of Naviti Island, or Paradise Cove in the south. Both locations are within about three hours of cruising.

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