Travel essentials: Peter Harrison packs for St Barths

30 August 2018

Peter Harrison, CEO of watch brand Richard Mille, on what he packs to sail in St Barths

I first visited St Barths seven years ago, and have been so many times since. On a typical day, I work out for an hour in the morning and then go sailing; sometimes I like to go to Colombier or around to Toiny. I also really like to cycle and hike around the island.

Peter Harrison first visited St Barths seven years ago. Photography by Alex Teuscher

Packing list

Luggage: Rimowa

Watch: The RM 60-01 Regatta. I also like to wear the RM 030 EMEA edition with the blue ceramic case

 Mackeene or Rubinacci swim shorts

Sunglasses: Oakley to sail

Grooming: Lierac SPF50 suncream

For the evening: Rubinacci trousers, linen shirts and loafers

Essential tech: we have a GoPro attached to the boat so after the race we see what needs to be improved

Book: AA Gill’s Lines in the Sand

Favourite drink on board: Domaines Ott rosé – but never during regattas!

Gustavia Port, St Barths. Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Where to go for...

Drinks: Pearl Beach or Shellona
on Shell Beach

Dinner: La Guérite

Shopping: Mackeene, a new boutique at Gustavia port