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Events, books and videography: BOAT's range of creative services in the spotlight

21 November 2023 • Written by Katia Damborsky

Since its inception forty years ago, BOAT International has established itself as the global authority on superyachts and the luxury lifestyle that comes with life on the water. What started as magazine publishing has grown into a full-scale media operation that includes an international events calendar, on-location photoshoots, bespoke video creation and a coveted collection of luxury books. 

For the past few years, BOAT's creative services have been offered exclusively to clients under the umbrella of the b.creative agency. Now, b.creative is widening its reach. Here's how you can get involved... 


Above: Video created on location for Vripack.

Video has become one of the most important mediums for conveying a brand's message, particularly in industries where experience and emotion play a vital role in the narrative. By combining engaging storytelling with compelling visuals, b.creative has cornered the market for brands looking for luxury videography that truly immerses the viewer. Across the b.creative studio, in-house creatives work together with experts from other fields to ensure that video content gets the reach and engagement that it deserves. Whether it's the thrill and thrum of an action-packed regatta or the gloss and polish of a classic J-Craft gliding through the water, b.creative can ensure the message is loud, crystal-clear and targeted at the right audience. 


From slick parties to buzzing regattas, BOAT International, in association with b.creative, is the driving force behind the best on-the-water and shoreside events in the superyacht industry, including nineteen years of the "Oscars of Yachting", the World Superyacht Awards. Now, b.creative is channeling that expertise into launch events, parties and other special occasions that need a magic touch.  BOAT's current events programme spans cities including Istanbul, Florence, Monaco and London, comprises tailored events such as Between the Bays and delivers client-led roundtable discussions on location in destinations such as Belize and Bermuda. Whatever a client needs, b.creative can offer a range of different options to organise, support and execute a memorable event. 


Leveraging its four decades of publishing experience, BOAT International's portfolio of books includes a huge spectrum of projects, from coffee-table hardbacks brimming with stories to handy pocket guides to the world's top superyacht-sized marinas. BOAT's unique positioning makes it the perfect partner for a superyacht or luxury-themed book or magazine project. BOAT and b.creative have the skills and know-how to help conceive a publishing project of almost any scale – and then deliver it.

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