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The Best Christmas Games 2019

19 December 2019• Written by Kelly Sullivan

It all starts so civilised, Christmas. But only once the unwrapping has finished and all new gadgets have been played with, does the real fun start. We're not talking about Christmas dinner, but rather the competitive family Christmas games that unleash everyone's fiercer streak. This year, we've found the best games for the whole family, from the awkward to the hilarious and downright competitive, all of which are convenient on-board entertainment.

Articulate Phrases

Is Christmas really Christmas without Articulate? For the fiercely competitive, timely and eloquent among us, this new twist on the age-old favourite will quickly shake things up around the table. Who's the king of catch phrases and who's in-tune with whom?

£27, amazon.co.uk


Escape Room

Escape rooms have really been having a moment in recent times and now you can re-create the fun at home - or on board. Carefully curate a game that will test your guests' skill and aptitude under pressure. It's not as easy as it looks, this set is aimed at ages 16 years and over and will challenge players for 60 minutes before time is up.

£40, amazon.co.uk


30 Seconds

This quick-thinking game will certainly be more challenging following a few Christmas drinks! Against the clock, players need to quickly and clearly describe what's on the card as the game tests both you and your guests general knowledge. 30 Seconds is like a new-age Articulate and a sure-fire crowd pleaser.

£30, amazon.co.uk


New Phone Who Dis?

Leave your guests cringing and laughing all at once as each of you creates a text-based scenario to win the most laughs. Who has the best - or worst- response to each awkward and nail-biting text?

New Phone Who Dis is like a more innocent but equally as awkward version of Cards Against Humanity and a great one for all the family.

£19.99, firebox.com


Pictionary Air

Pictionary is always a good idea. It's a game that's transcended time and we're pretty sure they were playing it back in the stone age. Fast forward 2.5 million years and it's still a real crowd pleaser, though now with a modern edge.

Pictionary Air challenges the drawer as much as their team mates as they have to draw the object blindly in the air, whilst it takes shape on screen behind them. Team mates have to then guess what it is based on what's on the screen before time runs out. We particularly like how inclusive and clean this game is, suitable for the whole family.

£18.08, amazon.co.uk


(May Cause) Side Effects

A game of distractions! You've got to try and describe the word on your card to team mates, as you act out the side effects of each pill. Skill, balance and concentration are required to get this right. Those with the most cards at the end wins.

$24.99, amazon.com


Buzz Me

A competitive team game at its finest. Your team mates have to guess the topic you're describing on your card before the other team in order to beat them to the buzzer. It's fair game for everyone and the fastest team wins.

£7.99, lakeland.co.uk


Rummikub Word

A game to put your vocabulary to the test as each player tried to create the longest word. Rummikub is a great game for all ages that takes some mental stimulation to complete and isn't too complicated to get to grips with.

£19, amazon.co.uk


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