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Life on the edge: Rich and edgy superyacht art from Officina Coppola

29 March 2018

Founded by artist Donato Coppola in 2009, British company Officina Coppola specialises in making unique artworks from a custom combination of liquid metals, resins and organic materials, like ground limestone, which was discovered and formulated by Coppola himself. These artworks are then used to create beautiful and totally individual two-dimensional and three-dimensional surfaces, which are applied to everything from wall panels to cabinet doors, writing desks to sculptural artworks.

With diverse clients including Christian Dior, who asked Officina Coppola to create its imposing reception desk at its Paris showroom, the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, for whom it made a bronze and resin map for the visitors’ centre in California, and Land Rover, where almond gold patterned wall panels were created for the reception at its visitors’ centre in Solihull, UK, it is no wonder that private yacht owners have increasingly turned to Officina Coppola to create unique, luxurious interiors and artworks.

The Cracked Earth finish, applied at the Land Rover VIP Visitor Centre

Inspired by its founder’s Italian heritage, the brand chose the name “Officina” to signal its artisan status, as the term was used during the Renaissance period to certify the workshops of various talented craftsmen – from painters to sculptors, architects to interior designers – before such a term even existed. Working in strict collaboration with a select roster of high-end interior designers and architects focused on the residential, superyacht, hotel and hospitality sectors, the company’s artworks are featured in galleries around the world in Milan, New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris, as well as on the world’s most luxurious superyachts and in private homes.

The brand’s London workshop and headquarters houses a talented team of craftsmen who are experts in bringing these creations to life – uniquely mixing and working with both organic and synthetic materials to create exceptional results in two and three dimensions. Years of research and development, sanding and polishing, and trial and error have resulted in a range of different finishes for architectural installations, furniture and works of art that are beautiful and uniquely tactile. Using rare and limited availability materials further ensures that everything is one of a kind and not likely to be replicated or copied elsewhere. A perfect demonstration of Officina Coppola’s expertise and skills can be seen in one of its most ambitious and recent projects for the 58 metre sailing yacht Ngoni. The brief given to the boatyard by the owner was to “build a beast”. Expanding on this grandiose request, the owner further specified in his design brief that he wanted an excitingly non-traditional, luxurious, striking and beautiful superyacht – no small order, but expertly achieved thanks to Officina Coppola’s involvement in the project.

The Vanity finish at Masterpiece London 2016

The brand’s unique finishes unquestionably fitted the brief and helped to define the aesthetic and personality of the “beast-like” boat, which is a wonder to behold. The interiors, born out of collaboration with both the designers and the boatyard, give an artistic, rich, but edgy spirit to this completely unique boat, which could be described as luxury with a truly non-conformist slant.

Officina Coppola applied its artwork in various areas of the boat, including the deck bar and main staircase, the master suite, the twin guest cabin and the double guest cabin. Each area used different combinations of materials to exhibit a distinctive style. The stand-out pieces included the wardrobe doors and bedside panels, created with a mix of resin, metal and limestone, giving the impression of looking at the seabed in the shallows.


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