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Quality time: Superyacht interior outfitter bsw yachteinrichter

Unlike many interior outfitters that work on land-based residential and commercial projects as well as superyachts, bsw yachteinrichter focuses its efforts solely on projects at sea. The German company, based in Altenberge in the north-west of the country, now has 11 years of experience producing interiors for sailing and motor yachts. As a specialist in this area, it concentrates entirely on marine projects and the challenges that come with them, ensuring that all interior furniture and fixtures meet the necessary safety requirements, including working within the strict boundaries of the Passenger Yacht Code.

With every yacht project comes the growing understanding of the requirements of those on board, from the client to the guests to the crew, and this enables bsw yachteinrichter to offer truly customised solutions in order to create the ultimate luxury yacht interior. As well as working directly with shipyards and clients, the company has also collaborated with superyacht designers such as Andrew Winch, Terence Disdale, and the design studios RWD and Reymond Langton, to bring their creative visions to life.

A bsw craftsman at work

The rules and regulations surrounding superyacht construction are continually changing, particularly when it comes to fire risk, and this has resulted in research into the creation and application of new non-combustible materials. However, bsw yachteinrichter is adept at working with new materials and combining them in creative ways. On a recent project the company built a non-combustible artificial lemon tree that falls from a domed ceiling in a spa area. It is a testament to the team’s talents and ability to push the boundaries when it comes to inventive construction.

In the production of interior furniture bsw yachteinrichter demonstrates its skill and creativity both in the quality of its joinery and the application of materials, working with everything from wood veneer and parchment to structured leather and textured fabric, while adhering to fire safety requirements, which can be more flexible when relating to elements of indoor furniture. The company has created custom-made sofas with a combination of any kind of fabric, timber wood or metals, incorporating details that can run across other pieces in the room – a 3mm wide polished brass trim on the handrest of the sofa can also be found on the coffee table or the TV-lift sideboard too.

An artisanally produced handrail by bsw yachteinrichter

As well as producing modern and automatic extending functions for tables, the company is skilled at applying marquetry finishes – the skill being in ensuring that the look is complete when the table is in both the closed and extended positions. For guest cabins, bsw yachteinrichter will build beds and nightstands using traditional timber mouldings and classical details, which, according to the interior outfitter, is the preferred choice by clients and designers, ensuring a more pronounced contrast between more modern wall claddings and traditional furniture, for a stylish and cosy aesthetic.

As well as creating beautifully crafted items for yacht interiors, bsw yachteinrichter prides itself on the quality of its project management. The team will work with clients from the first sketch right through to the presentation of the interior, ensuring the highest of standards are maintained along the way. If specialist craftsmen are needed for a particular project the company can source these and work with them to ensure the client’s needs are met; bsw yachteinrichter’s years of experience enable them to anticipate problems and fix them before they even arise.

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