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Crew clothing: The best layers for keeping warm

3 January 2021

While all superyacht crews have their own uniforms, sometimes a few extra layers are required when the elements are unpredictable. We've rounded up the best lightweight jackets, gilets and mid-layers for men and women, to provide extra protection under your uniform. Alongside the right outwear you need appropriate footwear and we've rounded up the best boat shoes for men to save you searching. 

The Best Crew Clothing For Men

Musto BR2 Coastal Jacket

If you're on deck when the elements are harsh, you'll be grateful for another protective layer. This Coastal jacket from Musto is waterproof and lightweight with florescent detailing for visibility in poor light.

£225 | $292 from Musto

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Helly Hansen Crew Hooded Jacket

A shell jacket is a saviour onboard a yacht when you need an extra, breathable layer. This one from Helly Hansen features a mesh interior lining, a soft fleece collar and waterproof technology. 

£130 | $165 from Helly Hansen

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Arc'teryx Squamish Hooded Jacket

This smart jacket from Arc'teryx will fall in line with most uniforms. It's a lightweight layer that is best suited as a windbreaker, featuring a hood for further protection. 

£130 from John Lewis 

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Patagonia Nano Puff Hooded Jacket

If you're on the early start, it can be harder to drag yourself out of bed when you know it's going t obe cold out. Layer this thin but insulating puffer from Patagonia beneath your uniform for better protection from the chill.

£232 | $261 from Farfetch

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Musto Corsica Jacket

When the showers roll in, this jacket will keep you well-insulated as it staves off the wetness thanks to the fleece-lined interior and the waterproof exterior. 

£150 | $292 from Musto

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Patagonia Black Parka

If you're running the tender back and forth for various reasons, a good parka will be a welcome addition to your uniform. It's smart, warm and practical for days on the water. 

£300 | £338 from Farfetch

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Stone Island Micro Reps Gilet

For when the weather can't quite make up its mind- queue the gilet. This all-black number from Stone Island is great for crew as it's discreetly branded and warm. 

£520 | $665 from Selfridges

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The Best Crew Clothing For Women

Gill Women's Crew Sport Lite Jacket

When the winds change and the chill creeps in, an extra layer such as this one from Gill ensures plenty of movement so you can get on with your work unaffected. 

$139 from Gill 

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Helly Hansen Women's Crew Jacket

This serves as a bit of a shell jacket, offering protection and warmth while remaining breathable. It's a smart, durable option from Helly Hansen and designed for life at sea. 

£120 | $155 from Helly Hansen

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Arc'teryx Beta AR Jacket

Much like the men's one above, this BEta AR jacket is a smart option for crew members. Featuring a GORE-TEX PRO shell to withstand harsh elements this is a great choice for seafarers and mountain hikers alike. 

£500 | $599 from Arc'teryx

Helly Hansen W Crew Vest

The humble gilet, a gift for those days when you - or the weather- can't decide. This Helly Hansen number is perfect for throwing over your polo for warmth against the cool winds. 

£95 | $125 from Helly Hansen

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