Sherp: The amphibious vehicle every explorer yacht needs

19 February 2016 • Written by Zoe Dickens

While luxury yachts cruising in the sedate waters of the Mediterranean or Caribbean may be able to get by with an amphibious jet ski or show off with a the world’s fastest amphibious car, explorer yachts tackling much trickier terrain call for something a little more hardy. Which is where the Sherp comes in.

Designed by Russian company Wepn, the Sherp is an all terrain vehicle which the makers say can conquer just about any landscape in the world. Conceived initially as a search and rescue vehicle able to access some of the most remote places on the planet, the amphibious Sherp has just gone into mass production thanks to unprecedented commercial demand for what is essentially a mini tank.

As the video above shows, the Sherp might not be the prettiest amphibious vehicle on the market but you’re unlikely to care about that as it thunders across Antarctic glaciers and through icy rivers delivering you to some of the best superyacht experiences money can buy.

Weighing in at around 1,360kg and with a top speed of 28mph, it isn’t the lightest or fastest either but it can climb over barriers of more than two feet high, carry loads of up to 1,000kg (even on water) and has a fuel tank large enough to let your roam around the icy wasteland of your choosing all day.

The Sherp is available in two models: the Standard, a pickup-style vehicle with a canvas tent roof, or the Kung, a hardtop version with a choice of colours and soft transformable interior.

The Sherp is available to order now with prices starting at $70,000, visit

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