Video: The incredible custom toy that looks like a swordfish

2015-08-13By Zoe Dickens

Innespace Productions, the watercraft company behind the thrilling Seabreacher Sailfish series, has just unveiled its latest custom creation and it is quite spectacular.

At 6.7 metres the latest Seabreacher is the largest to date and, as per the owner’s instructions, is shaped like a giant swordfish. The craft itself is a hybrid between a one-man submarine and a jet ski and is purpose built to make recreational boating as exciting as possible.

As the video shows, the Seabreacher’s sleek marine-animal shape lets it glide through the water with ease while its ‘wings’ and removable sail allow for sustained underwater dives and high-speed barrel rolls. Plus, as impressive as it looks, the Seabreacher is also incredibly easy to master thanks to its simple pedal and joystick-operated system and automatic self-righting design.

The new custom build also further separates itself from the three standard designs - X (shark), Y (killer whale) and Z (dolphin) - via the addition of a water cannon. Incorporated into the design via the swordfish’s nose, this allows the driver to scoop up water during an underwater dive which can then be ‘shot’ at neighbouring craft.

Fun, fast and safe, the Seabreacher Sailfish can seat up to two people making it a great addition to any superyacht toy box - especially if you trying to decide between a jet ski or a sub. However, you may want to save some room, as the Seabreacher is just one of a number of new gadgets - including the futuristic hoverboard and BAC Mono supercar - all vying for a spot in your tender garage.