'Caught in the Net' exhibition partners with Blue Marine Foundation

2 July 2019 • Written by Miranda Blazeby

A London art gallery is showcasing art crafted from reconstituted fishing nets to highlight the plight of the world’s oceans.

Held in partnership with the Blue Marine Foundation, the Caught in the Net exhibition has been created by artists from the remote island of Erub off the northern coast of Queensland, together with two Australian artists.

The remote artistic community known as Erub Arts has up-cycled ‘ghost nets’, which heavily contribute to the swathes of plastic pollution in the oceans, into striking marine animal sculptures.

The exhibition will run until August 17

Since beginning earlier this month, the exhibition has already sold a number of pieces, including the event’s major work, a three-metre white shark piece named “Beizam”.

Some of the sold pieces are set to be installed in a contemporary residence in the Balearic Islands.

Director of the JGM Gallery, Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi, said: “I specifically commissioned these sculptural Ghost Net pieces (with a very limited colour palette) over a year ago.

“Today, the installation in the gallery is truly magical, like a large aquarium filled with sharks and rays swimming across the centre and Frigatebirds flying in every direction.”

The Caught in the Net exhibition will run at the JGM Gallery until August 17.

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