The best celebrity sculptures for auction at La Mer's Wave Walk
Mother Ocean by Cara Delevingne

As part of its annual support of World Oceans Day, La Mer - one of the top fashion and beauty brands saving the oceans - will be launching Wave Walk in support of ocean conservation organisation, Project 0. Project 0 tasked 50 of the world's most influential artists, designers, musicians, actors and cultural figures to create a sculpture inspired by the seas. These sculptures will be on display in the months surrounding World Oceans Day before being auctioned by Paddle8 with all proceeds donated to fund marine protected areas in the Azores, Caribbean and East China Sea.

Mother Ocean by Cara Delevingne

"The ocean is like the mother of the planet," said Delevingne of the inspiration behind her painted sculpture. "It gives us life - the air we breathe and the water we drink - and is full of creatures who move around in its mysterious, vast blue waters. Love your mother!"

Bids in excess of $1,000,

Blue Circle of Life by Sir Richard Branson

"I think of my wave as the ‘blue circle of life’," commented famously ocean conservation supporting celebrity Richard Branson. "Everything from the smallest plankton to the great whales are interconnected through the ocean, and so are we. We need a healthy ocean to survive and thrive, and we need to do everything we can to make sure that we help regenerate and revive the ocean."

Bids in excess of $1,000,

Inspiration by Tali Lennox

"I was inspired to create this after I took a trip to upstate New York," said model, artist and actress Tali Lennox. "Living in a city like Manhattan that is incredibly chaotic I find that the contrast to being upstate within its dense and wild nature is profound. It reminds me of my natural place within the world, and the respect and harmony one must have toward nature. Nature is where we belong and to damage our home through mistreatment of the environment is a tragedy that is hard to avoid."

Bids in excess of $1,000,

Rhapsody in Blue by Sienna Miller

"I am inspired by the incredible deep, vibrant blue of the ocean," said Sienna Miller of her simple cerulean sculpture. "My wave is a reflection of that intense shade of blue."

Bids in excess of $1,000,

Heart of the Ocean by Rita Ora

"My inspiration is the ocean's dazzling and precious qualities, expressed here in thousands of crystals. The ocean is the blue heart of our planet, full of irreplaceable gems so we need to look after it. Today we have the chance to join together to restore and protect the ocean, which is why I am pleased to be a part of the Wave Walk," said British musician Rita Ora.

Bids in excess of $1,100,

Human Tide by Keith Richards

Rolling Stones member Keith Richards created a wave that is as much an emblem of his rock and roll lifestyle as it is a comment on the way humans treat the oceans. While the skull is a traditional emblem of rock music, in this context it represents the callous and often fatal way we treat the oceans and their inhabitants.

Bids in excess of $1,000,


"I love being in or close to the ocean," said former Guns N' Roses member Slash. "So having a wave sculpture incorporating my likeness was a great idea."

Bids in excess of $1,000,

Suki Waterhouse

"I was inspired by the ancient Greek Gods of classical times who had powers that ranged from Olympian to trickster to all forms of monster," explained model and actress Suki Waterhouse. "Drawing a line to contemporary times and the various monsters, nymphs and trickster figures on the world stage, this wave is nod to the power of myth and how present and real the effects are felt by people and the environment on our planet."

Bids in excess of $1,000,