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Owners' Club tees off Golf EXV partnership

2 August 2022

Love it or hate it the arrival of LIV GOLF has certainly got people talking and put golf at the forefront of sport almost on a daily basis. It’s grabbing all the headlines and literally rocking the golfing world with its high-energy, festival-like atmosphere and legends of golf going toe-to-toe for the individual prize as well as combining for the Team prize. The format has divided opinion, but for the record everyone at Golf EXV loves it.

The reason? Well, the EXV team has been in and around the professional game for many years and some time ago we set out on a mission to bring something new to golf. We deliberately stepped away from the same old formats and types of service that were being rolled out by the big organisations and service providers. Our aim was to create an excitement and an energy which clients would be drawn to, combined with an elite VIP level of service which maintained the sense of tradition and history intrinsic to golf.

So whichever side of the divide you stand with LIV Golf, one thing that has to be admired has been the desire to do it different: to look forward and evolve the game rather than to sit still – or even worse to go backwards. This has been EXV’s mission: to look at every golfing service from every angle and ask ourselves if we can do it better; to push forward and evolve so that the client’s experience is the very best it can possibly be.

Golf EXV represents an international VIP network exclusively for members and partners, providing access to the very best venues, events, equipment, coaching, and delivering personalised support for the ultimate golfing experience. We introduced ‘The EXV World Series’ , which enables players to compete in four events throughout the year in a points format. We launched the ‘Member-Guest’  service, which enables our members to connect exclusively with other members throughout the world for mutual business or social value. We also partnered with Club Champion to bring our clients the very best custom-fit equipment as well as ongoing support for game improvement through analysis, equipment and Tour-based coaching.

EXV continues to evolve and continues to extend its global reach, but at the same time remains focused on delivering an exclusive, personalised, one-to-one, and Members' Only VIP service to its elite clientele.

EXV and BOAT International have now partnered to bring the full range of Golf EXV's services to Owners' Club members. The partnership will see a number of golf events staged over time, gives Owners' Club members access to EXV’s Member’s Only services and allows Owners' Club members to participate in the EXV World Series. 

For more information, please contact the Owners' Club.


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