Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso on his Sunreef 60 Power Eco catamaran

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Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso on his Sunreef 60 Power Eco catamaran

5 May 2023

Formula One driver Fernando Alonso tells BOAT International about his love of the water and decision to purchase a 60 Sunreef Power Eco catamaran, currently in build at Sunreef Yachts.

Was the sea a big part of your life growing up?

Absolutely. I need to have the sea in my life. I grew up in the north of Spain in Oviedo and every summer, or every day that I could, I went to the coast to enjoy the beach and the sea. Now I follow the coast when I choose where to live: I live in Dubai; I live in Monaco; I live in Spain.

What drew you to catamarans?

I discovered catamarans two years ago with Sunreef. It was a catamaran that was more than a catamaran – like a small villa on water. On a catamaran you have these very big spaces inside and compared to monohulls. I started chartering boats in summer in between races and at the beginning, I was just thinking of chartering the boat. Then recently I moved to Monaco, living on the coast again. I watch the port from my window every morning and started dreaming about having my own boat. 

What do you like best about spending time on the water?

I live with very high adrenaline on race days and I'm always in a Formula One car on the circuit or travelling around the world. When I spend time on the catamaran it is completely the opposite. I slow down my life and I go like in slow motion, so I can really enjoy every second of the day and every hour and every meal on board... and every sleep.

Why did you choose the Sunreef 60 Power Eco?

I chose the power version of the Sunreef 60. I do not plan at the moment to go very far from Monaco or very far from the Mediterranean. I will have always a limited number of people on board, only a few friends or family and the Sunreef 60 felt like a perfect size. On the Eco, there was no discussion for me. I think sustainability plays a big part in my values and my thoughts at the moment and I think it makes perfect sense with being in the water and being in the middle of the Mediterranean and taking care of that sea that we love.

What does your ideal day on a boat look like?

Not waking up too early. I like to sleep in the mornings, totally relax have a good breakfast and spend some time in the water. Then, a light lunch, because soon after I will probably get on some of the water toys and spend time playing around with different things. My ideal day ends with enjoying some music with friends and preparing dinner – ideally a BBQ or something on the flybridge.

Where will you take your new catamaran?

My first destinations this summer will be in the Med – South of France, Corsica, Sardinia – potentially Greece. That’s also the good thing about the solar panels on the Sunreef Eco line, you have this unlimited range.

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