Spotlight: The futuristic explorer with 'fantastical' sea-inspired interiors

21 April 2021

Hakvoort explorer Scout is the perfect home away from home for her adventurous owner, his partner and their two canine companions. With a utilitarian exterior and foredeck helipad, she fulfils her purpose as a hardy explorer built for adventure and open seas, but, above all, she was built for fun. From the boards of H2 Yacht Design, her fantastical, sea-themed interiors are reminiscent of Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870) or the futuristic underwater lair of 007’s nemesis in The Spy Who Loved Me. 

Credit: Jeff Brown

In the main saloon, a show-stopping coffee table called the Ripple Table is by Lee Rowland, who describes himself as an art engineer. The table freezes the action of a drop of water and its ensuing concentric circles in a silver sea. The drops are suspended above the table on a filament of carbon steel.

Shapes, shadows and colours on the table’s mirror-polished nickel surface change moment to moment, courtesy of an overhead “skylight” that is in reality an LCD monitor. While it is programmed with hundreds of images and can even link to the yacht’s own cameras, a video loop of swimming hammerhead sharks truly fits the theme.

Credit: Jeff Brown

A sofa is constructed atop what appears to be a turbine from a 1920s-era electrical power plant, the furniture frame gloss-painted to look like blue steel.

The owner requested that no animal products be used on Scout so the Giorgetti chairs were custom ordered with glove-soft vinyl upholstery. Elsewhere, the leather-look wardrobe doors are animal-free Ultrasuede or ultra leather.