Super tech: This hybrid system adapts to any situation at sea

19 August 2021

As the drive for the world’s engines to be powered electrically keeps moving forward, one of the marine industry’s leading suppliers, e-Motion, has made it easy for superyacht owners to make the switch. Those who choose to go hybrid can reap the rewards of a lowered fuel consumption, no maintenance requirements, increased performance and a higher resale value.

As the only supplier of standardised hybrid propulsions systems that fit into the existing engine room of all serial production yachts from 50-220 feet, e-Motion gives yacht owners the chance to switch to hybrid power without altering traditional diesel direct shaft propulsion. With the e-Motion Parallel Hybrid system, a main propulsion diesel engine can be switched off to offer enhanced comfort and quiet cruising, with the traditional diesel-direct shaft propulsion able to be selected at any time. 

With 15,000 marine engines sold to date, serving the likes of Tankoa's award-winning Bintador, Perini E-volution 42m and Sanlorenzo SL106, e-Motion has perfected their range and offers three main Parallel Hybrid packages. The company's latest developments have enabled a Series Hybrid system with five functional modes that requires less space on board, meaning that architects can dedicate more room to the onboard living areas. Suited to any situation at sea, the five modes are: 

Diesel Electric Navigation Mode

  • Variable speed generators produce electrical power to operate the electric motor
  • High levels of comfort for medium/long-range cruising

Zero Emission Navigation Mode

  • All the variable speed generators are turned off
  • Only the high voltage batteries supply power to the electric motors and to the hotel load
  • Zero noise while cruising
  • Zero pollution

Generator Fast Charge Mode

  • Variable speed generators operate at high speed to provide the power for a fast charge of the batteries and hotel load
  • Batteries will reach 90% charge in 30 minutes

Hotel Load Zero Emissions Mode

  • Lithium-ion batteries supply energy for all of the electrical systems of the yacht
  • At anchor, the yacht can remain fully operative for up to 12 hours with all the diesel engines off
  • All guests feel comfortable onboard
  • No noise or pollution

International Shore Power and Plug-in Battery Charge Mode

  • While at the dock, the system is compatible with any worldwide electrical shore power to charge the Lithium-ion batteries
  • No need for an extra shore power converter
  • Save fuel for the next day at anchor