From sea to land: How a superyacht gym designer can support your residential projects

30 March 2021

It is not just superyacht owners that want to engage the talents of their floating gym designer on dry land. There is a growing recognition that the skills needed to design a gym in the confined space of a yacht are just as useful in the residential sector. That’s why it is no surprise that Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors, famously responsible for gyms onboard both the world’s largest motor and sailing yachts, is in hot demand from Sussex to St Barths.

Limited floor space and restricted ceiling heights are two common limitations when it comes to designing a gym on a boat. Odd corners and curved walls also pose challenges afloat. To address this, gym designers have developed a portfolio of equipment with limited height or folding capabilities. Applying the same solutions to homes, offices and hotels can save space and result in better use of the available volume, without compromising the aesthetics.

Space planning: make your gym do more

Building a yacht on time and on budget requires phenomenal discipline and top-notch organisation. Gym designers are accustomed to fitting into this demanding schedule and performing with precision. Residential projects can clearly benefit from working with a designer who delivers exactly what they’ve promised, when they’ve promised it, even under real pressure.

Deadlines: expect total precision and punctuality

Among the first questions a gym designer asks relates to the accessibility of the space. This includes details on the driveway or street, on which floor the proposed gym is located and the size of all the doorways. When these questions are asked on a superyacht installation, it is not uncommon for the solution to mandate specific choices of equipment. “We have even dismantled a large multigym system to get it into a room, only to rebuild it again in situ,” says Edward Thomas of Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors. “We will always make it work!"

Difficult access: there’s always a way

Superyachts are tailor-made from the keel up, incorporating one-of-a-kind technical solutions and unique interiors. Wellness designers in this sphere are used to working directly with key manufacturers to produce custom equipment and made-to-measure storage solutions, often using rare and luxurious materials that complement the interior design. In the deeply personal setting of a home, these talents can create a gym that the client wants to spend time in, and where they feel totally at one.

Unique design: boundless customisation

Whether we’re talking about prime residential property or a superyacht, the profile of the client is often very similar. These are successful, demanding people who want the absolute best. They take the same attitude to gym design. A superyacht wellness specialist will guarantee to residential clients the exceptionally high level of service they give to boat owners. They understand the high expectations and will work tirelessly to ensure they are met. They also support the product long after installation.

Let Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors bring some superyacht sparkle to your residential project. Book a meeting with their team of gym design experts below.