How the classic yacht 90m Nero was refitted in 8 months

A perfect example of how hard work pays off, Luxury Projects looks back at the 2016 refit of Nero and explains how they turned around this project in just eight months.

When one of the refits of the stately Nero came about Laura Pomponi of Luxury Projects (LP) Architecture and Design Studio was drafted in as the interiors expert thanks to her excellent track record in luxury interiors.

The Nero project was to give life to an old classic, channelling three threads of design: contemporary, classic and elegance.

One of the biggest changes to the interiors was the lighter use of limewashed wood throughout, previously a dark high gloss, the process of removal in itself was a huge task to undertake. Where once the interiors were strewn with purple accents, it now encapsulates the colours of the sea with greens, blues and whites.

Everything got a refresh, new lighting was input to create warmer, more welcoming spaces, alongside the refit of cabinetry and new flooring. The hard labour didn't stop there 4,000 brass fittings were removed and replaced with silver ones.

The outfitting expanded on existing spaces to better utilise them, include more outdoor seating and bar areas and a plush central superyacht bar for entertaining.

As with many of their projects, Luxury Projects optimised installations for greater storage, brighter spaces and more comfortable living.

The upholstery throughout is plush and considered, each room exploring different textiles and colours, but still in keeping with the nautical theme. The carpets throughout the interior of the yacht add to the cosy, homely feel, while the outdoors boasts extra space for hosting and entertaining.

Accommodating up to 12 guests across six cabins, the VIP suite consists of an ensuite and private seating area.

To find out more, visit Luxury Projects (LP) Architecture and Design Studio's exhibitor page.