Inside the new and improved Westport 112

11 April 2021· Miranda Blazeby

Arguably the world’s most successful superyacht series, the Westport 112 has undergone constant styling updates, interior modifications and technological tweaks since it first launched in 1994. Now, the US yard has presented its most recent iteration of the 34 metre Raised Pilothouse model.

Regarded as both the ultimate entry-level yacht and the go-to yacht when it’s time to downsize, the Westport 112’s styling updates ensure the model retains its competitive edge. “We are constantly tweaking to keep up with the market,” says Westport Yacht sales director Alex Rogers.

“Anytime we have someone on the boat, they’re blown away that we manage to up our game and build a boat with all the changes and to keep up with the trends. It’s a full-time job but we seem to be able to keep tweaking.”

With more than 70 yachts Westport 112s cruising the world, the Westport team are never short of feedback from captains, crew and owners, both past and prospective. “It’s just constantly looking at what we’ve built and getting client feedback,” says Rogers.

Key changes in this latest regeneration include the addition of “big picture windows in the hull”, an inspiration from the 112’s larger sister, the 38m 125.

“If you look at the 125, the lower staterooms have large windows. It makes a huge difference. We realised it was easy to incorporate that into the staterooms on the 112.”

Elsewhere, the windows have been lowered in the saloon, the engine room air ducts have been tweaked and the galley and bow sitting area reconfigured. “The 112 owners are a bit more hands-on,” Rogers says. “The country kitchen allows them to sit in there with the crew and talk to them.”

The reconfiguration includes the cooking area located on the island to provide the chef a performative cooking space. “It’s a gathering space on these boats,” says Westport marketing director Ron Nugent. “That’s what the owners love.”

These new changes have already been incorporated into five brand new Westport 112s and the updated design can be viewed first-hand on a new 112 located in Fort Lauderdale and available to view.