Patrick Knowles Design: The secrets behind the 29m III Amigos

15 July 2021

“I truly do not believe a space is ever really finished,” says American designer Patrick Knowles.  “A room will continue to evolve, from the use of space and how the lighting changes from day to night,” he adds. This is why Knowles works in a way that accounts for the natural changes in light throughout the day until he finds a union between manmade and natural light and a balance of shadow and light.

Rendering of III Amigos

One of his latest projects delivered just this year was the 28.6-metre custom sportfisher yacht named III Amigos. Built at Michael Rybovich & Sons Boat Works in Florida, III Amigos came with a unique challenge. Knowles was tasked with filling the interior layout and its full-beam master suite, three additional staterooms, ensuites and crew accommodation for four with new streams of light.

“Imagine that perfect moment when you awake in the morning and light beams of diffused natural sunlight are coming in through the windows. You can see the warm tones as they interact with the wood and the walls. As light floods the room throughout the morning, the space feels maximised, light and bright,” explains Knowles.

“However, only 12 hours later as the natural lighting dims, the aesthetic in the room distinctively changes. The shadows make the space feel smaller, perhaps more intimate. The use of strategic mood lighting can change the entire space,” he says, “just take a look at the videos and initial renderings of III Amigos.”

Just as important as colour, texture, layout and furnishing, lighting in each area of a yacht is, according to Knowles, able “to provide a different feeling, a new focus or a sense of liveliness.” Plus, knowing exactly how the space will be used helps the designer depict what type of lighting is needed: mood, task, overhead, low, artistic lighting, or something else. “Lighting can become art – but so can shadows. I like to play with both to find the right aesthetic for the space,” states Knowles.

“From dusk to dawn, as the day evolves, so does the design we work with. It is actually quite an enjoyable challenge, and one we love to explore and experience anew in each project we at Patrick Knowles Designs get the opportunity to work on,” he concludes.