Video: The secret to superyacht stability

6 August 2021

In a brand-new video exclusive to BOAT International’s Virtual Boat Show, Dutch superyacht designers Vripack have divulged exactly what it takes to ensure every yacht they produce is safe and comfortable.

Those yachts designed by Vripack are able to sail comfortably in any sea condition thanks to the team’s use of modelling and tank testing. Every hull design is produced as a scaled-down model that is put through its paces in a tank test scenario to see how it fares in simulated storms and extreme weather. The data collected from these tank tests are then used by Vripack to continuously go above and beyond what is possible within the realm of superyacht stability.

Over the last 60 years, over 7,500 yachts have been designed by Vripack. These owners have been able to relish the ability to sail anywhere in uncharted waters – and all because of the well-refined and overly-capable Vripack design and naval architecture.