Enhance the Look of Your Yacht with Custom Backlit Letters

Finding the right name for your yacht is only the first step, bringing it to life on your vessel is another. 

Yacht Graphx from the Yacht Group specialized in custom backlit lettering.

With your vision or the help of their experienced design team and their talented craftsmanship combined with their state-of the art technology and materials, they can realize anything; from a classic name board design to a custom symbol, illuminated stairways, helipads, surfaces, the applications are limitless!

In addition to being laser cut and with a perfect even surface in all materials, more importantly, each letter and symbol is individually electrically engineered and designed to provide uniform illumination in every part of the letter. Seen on many of the world's top 200 super yachts and thousands of other boats; with worldwide sales and service support; it might be one of the many reasons why they are selected by the most discriminating yacht owners for use on their vessels.

To get started, you can visit their website where they developed a design wizard which allows you to instantly select any fonts, design, size, and material! 


You can also visit their modern Showroom located on 1300 SE 17th St Ft. Lauderdale with a complete display of sample letters and symbols for inspection.