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Crew Life on Board Superyacht Robbie Bobby During Coronavirus Lockdown

7 May 2020• Written by Miranda Blazeby

In this new online series, BOAT talks with crew members quarantined on board as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Here, we chat with Neil Roets, deckhand and engineer on board the 33.5 metre Robbie Bobby.

Where is the boat?

Palma de Mallorca - Marina Port de Mallorca

Are you allowed off the yacht or are you quarantined on board?

Currently we are on full lockdown, so we are not allowed to leave the boat for any reason other than provisioning, medical supplies or medical emergencies. This means we are not even allowed to walk the dock unless we are taking out garbage.

Images courtesy of Fraser

How are you keeping busy?

We are currently still busy with winter yard work. Due to the fact that contractors are not allowed on board, we are on top of outstanding work to get ready for the upcoming season. This helps to pass time for us.

How are you keeping fit?

We make use of a fitness app from Adidas. It's a fun and interactive way for the crew to work out and keep fit together. Luckily for us we are still able to stay fit outdoors as we have the upper deck set up for our fitness activities. This ensures we stay active, motivated and safe from the virus.

How is morale on board?

We have a super motivated and positive crew, however there are times where we need to boost each other's morale. We do this with humour and making jokes, playing board games, Xbox or simply just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. If all else fails, our Aussie captain has proven himself to be the best biltong maker - this alone is enough to keep the morale up!

How are you sourcing provisions?

The crew rotate provisioning duties and we limit trips to once a week.

What measures has the captain or owner introduced on board to minimise the risk of the virus?

Captain’s orders are no other person is allowed to board the yacht other than our crew. Any provisions or deliveries are to be fully sanitised on the dock before coming onboard. Sanitary goods are also readily available as you board which includes alcohol hand sanitisers, surgical gloves and masks.

Any tips for crew in a similar situation?

Yes, I would just say respect the lockdown rules and keep sanitising and eating healthily. The sooner we adhere to all the guidelines to avoid the further spread of Covid-19, the sooner life will go back to normal. Try to be creative and come up with some fun ways to pass time. Also stay safe and stay positive.

Robbie Bobby is available for charter with Fraser.

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