Yachting anti-piracy emergency contacts

20 January 2015
Military forces have reduced the number of pirate attacks in the past 2 years but superyachts are still at risk of being seized.

In the event you are attacked, or are under threat of an attack, use the emergency contact numbers provided for UKMTO, MARLO and the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre.

UK Maritime Trade Organisation

UKMTO coordinates the management of all merchant ship and yachts in the High Risk Area (HRA). They also administer the voluntary reporting scheme. If transiting the HRA it is recommended yachts keep position with the UKMTO on a daily basis.

Emergency contact number: +971 50 55 23215

Web: https://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/Operations/Maritime-Security/Keeping-the-Sea-Lanes-Open/UK-Maritime-Trade-Operation

Email: ukmto@eim.ae

MARLO: Gulf of Aden

US-flagged vessels transiting the HRA may wish to contact MARLO which keeps a 24-hour watch.

Emergency contact number: +973 3940 1395

Tel: +973 17 85 3925

Web: www.cusnc.navy.mil/marlo/Guidance/Corridor.htm

email: marlo.bahrain@me.navy.mil

International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre

This site – run by the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Services – contains the latest piracy reports, with regularly updated piracy maps. The information is collated by the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre, in Kuala Lumpur.

Emergency contact number: + 60 3 2031 0014

Tel: + 60 3 2078 5763

Web: https://www.icc-ccs.org/piracy-reporting-centre

E-mail: imbkl@icc-ccs.org or piracy@icc-ccs.org

Merchant Maritime Warfare Centre

UK-based counter-piracy consultancy. The Ship Support Service offers 24/7 free advice. Handbooks and DVDs available.

Tel: +44 (0)1590 700 706

Web: www.mmwc.org

NATO Shipping Centre

Latest guidance from the naval task force, including pictures of pirated ships now being used as pirate motherships.

Tel: +44 (0)1923 956 574

Email: info@shipping.nato.int

Web: www.shipping.nato.int

International Sailing Federation

In 2010, the ISF produced this PDF document, containing advice and guidance on how to avoid a piracy attack, and what to do if one occurs.

Guidelines on anti-piracy measures.

web: https://bit.ly/isfpiracyadvice


This site provides free information for seafarers undergoing voyages or preparing for one. Its piracy section contains general advice, useful links and first-hand reports.

Web: www.noonsite.com/General/Piracy

International Marine Organisation

The IMO’s International Ship and Port Facility Security Code was set up after 9/11 to standardise the evaluation of risk and determine appropriate security measures. As part of SOLAS, it applies to all vessels covered by that convention. The IMO also provides regularly updated piracy reports, and guidance on using private armed security.

Web: https://www.imo.org/ourwork/security/piracyarmedrobbery/pages/default.aspx

For the official piracy reports: https://www.imo.org/OurWork/Security/PiracyArmedRobbery/Reports/Pages/Default.aspx

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