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Credit: @salvage_and_wreck on Instagram

27m Canados yacht Hooligan catches fire in Estonia

1 August 2022

A 27 metre Canados motor yacht named Hooligan has caught fire and sunk off the coast of Tallin, Estonia.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of July 30. According to local reports, the yacht was carrying ten passengers at the time of the incident and sunk within a few hours of the blaze breaking out.

Credit: @salvage_and_wreck on Instagram

Emergency services were alerted at 3.39 PM and sent fire and rescue boats to extinguish the flames. The passengers had evacuated via a life raft and no injuries have been reported. 

A statement by the Estonian Rescue Board read: On July 30 at 3:39 p.m., the Emergency Center was notified of a boat on fire in Tallinn Bay. Rescuers, the Police and Border Guard Board and the ambulance responded to the incident. Those on board managed to evacuate. Rescuers were engaged in extinguishing operations, but the vessel still sank a few hours later. 

According to a local yacht blog, the yacht experienced a mechanical fault but an investigation is ongoing.

A clean-up operation is now underway to contain the fuel leak caused by the stricken vessel. 

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Canados   27.45 m •  2008

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