Annual Oyster dinner at Royal Thames Yacht Club

10 January 2011 • Written by Amanda McCracken

The Oyster owners annual dinner held at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge, London, was full of gung ho and camaraderie. Tales of Oysters scattered across the oceans made me want to get up and sail away. David Tydeman, CEO of Oyster tells us that 'Oyster has had an amazing 2010' and goes on to say that the planned Bluewater cruise around the world is picking up tremendous momentum.

Highlights of the evening were a talk from Robin Knox Johnston about tips for those sailing around the world, 'in rather more comfort than I did it in' he says. Story after story of antics and advice for cruisers kept all of us spellbound. News on the night was that F1 owner Eddie Jordan is to upgrade his Oyster 655 to a new design an Oyster 885 to be designed by Rob Humphreys.

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