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Turquoise Delivers 56 Metre Hoek-Designed Explorer Yacht Blue II

2020-08-18By Miranda Blazeby

Turkish yard Turquoise Yachts has delivered its 56 metre explorer yacht Blue II.

The yacht, which was previously known as Project Lombok, has now left the yard to begin its maiden voyage. Blue II will be cruising the Mediterranean this summer. 

It comes after the yacht was launched in Istanbul on May 12. Restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic saw commissioning take place remotely. 

Images courtesy of Turquoise

Blue II was designed by André Hoek and features an aluminium superstructure and ice classed hull, making the yacht suitable for exploring Polar Regions and navigating the Northwest Passage.

While Hoek’s design is reminiscent of classic steam ships, the yacht itself is packed with all the latest modern technology such as a diesel-electric propulsion system.

Meanwhile, the state-of-the-art satellite communications dome is integrated into the composite funnel, while the canoe stern conceals an extendable boarding platform with retractable stairs for ease of acess.

The interior décor is developed by Hoek Naval Architects in collaboration with British design studio Vickers, featuring subtly classic touches and teak detailing throughout. Intimate cosy indoor spaces contrast with the expansive open decks, giving guests a wide range of relaxation options on board.

In total, this 56 metre explorer yacht has an internal volume of 785GT spread across four decks.