Cantiere delle Marche 39.4m explorer yacht

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Cantiere delle Marche announces sale of "one-off" 39m explorer yacht

31 January 2024 • Written by Dea Jusufi

Cantiere delle Marche (CDM) has announced the sale of a "one-off" 39.4-metre explorer yacht, marking the shipyard's third contract in three weeks. The deal was signed with Arcon Yachts

Exterior design will be courtesy of Hydro Tec, with interiors by Giorgio M. Cassetta. While full details are yet to be disclosed, the four-deck explorer will have an eight-metre beam and "extremely efficient hull" with bulbous bow, to keep fuel consumption to the lowest possible level. 

"I am pleased to express our satisfaction with this additional commercial success, which reaffirms the validity of our strategy centred around the quality and reliability of the explorer yachts we have built up to now, and our commitment to owners’ satisfaction," said Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and CEO of CDM. "Beyond the joy of the sale, what makes us particularly proud is that it confirms the reputation we have earned through hard work and dedication."

Powered by twin Caterpillar C18 engines, the yacht will also have a top speed of 13.5 knots and a range of above 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots. 

This follows BOAT International's recent dive into Stellamar's interiors – CDM's first 35-metre RJ115 explorer yacht.

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